Will A Moister Wicking Custom Embroidered Hat Keep You Cool This Summer?


Pure Baloney Or Will A Moisture Wicking
Custom Embroidered Hat Keep You Cool This Summer?

ScreenprintAZ Moister Wicking Freshly Embroidered Hat

ScreenprintAZ Moister Wicking Freshly Embroidered Hat

Before revealing some simple insightful facts on whether or not a custom embroidered hat will keep you cool this summer, let’s reveal the typical process which you and other online hat buyers may face when shopping online for an ideal custom hat.

Then let’s simplify some hat terminology and dive into the question. Shall we?

And hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll discover if the above statement is pure baloney or the truth.

OK, let’s get started.

You Just Want To Quickly Grab Some Embroidered Logo Hats -BUT

Have you ever visited a custom online hat embroidery store and felt overwhelmed by all the hat terminology and choices you’re being presented with?

Where all you want to do is quickly grab some embroidered logo hats for your workforce and company crews -before another blazing hot summer arrives?

…But suddenly, you became unsure of which style of hat to order for the upcoming summer months?

Plain English Please

Wouldn’t it be nice if custom embroidery industry jargon, like ‘moisture wicking’ and other terminology was written in plain English -so it’s easy for you to understand and not so gosh-darn confusing?

So you feel confident knowing what you’re about to choose is right for you… without all the fuss?

Well, guess what? You’re not alone.

After-all, who would’ve thought there’s a hat type for every climatic season?

And a perfect hat style for whichever part of the country your business is operating in? …rain or shine.

But, before revealing the most ideal hat types to wear during the sizzling summer season, let’s make the hat terminology easier to understand.

And let’s start with the term ‘moisture wicking’.

Then let’s throw-out all the funky jargon and simply speak in terms which online hat buyers, like yourself, will understand. Sound good?

OK, ‘moister wicking’ is better defined as ‘water absorbent’.

Much better. Don’t you think?

…Soak Up Sweat And Evaporate Into Thin Air

Now if you landed on an online hat and embroidery website and you came across the term ‘water absorbent’, would you be better able to pick out your ideal hat in half the time, if not quicker?

And if you’re outdoor crews are also working in hot, arid, and sunbaked climates like Arizona or Las Vegas or New Mexico or… then does the term ‘water absorbent’ say it all?

Which means your ‘water absorbent’ hats are designed to soak up sweat and evaporate it into thin air.

ScreenprintAZ Posh Breathable Summer Logo Hat Being Embroidered

ScreenprintAZ Posh Breathable Summer Logo Hat Being Embroidered

And as sweat is being soaked up fast, your crews and workforce will be feeling a lot cooler, especially when working outdoors, under a sweltering desert sun.

(Are you in agreement now that ‘water absorbent’ (moister wicking) hats may keep you cooler in hot months? And if so, what types of hats are best for keeping cool?)

Which begs the question… “Which hat types are water absorbent”?

Because now you’re aware of the type of hat which you’re probably looking for, you’ll still want to navigate through the many styles of hats that are available.

After-all there’s trucker hats, snap backs, elastic, flat bills, structured, unstructured… and so many other hat styles that it may become a bit frustrating to know which is best.

So let’s keep this simple. A good rule-of-thumb is… As long as you know that your hat type is ‘water absorbent’ (moisture wicking) then you’re on the right path.

To Stay Cool During The Blistering Hot Summer Months
–You May Want This…

ScreenprintAZ Close Up Knitted Summer Mesh Breathable Cap

ScreenprintAZ Close Up Knitted Summer Mesh Breathable Cap

And maybe keep this added tidbit in mind…

Studies have shown that heat escapes the body more readily from the head.

Which means, to stay cool during the blistering hot summer months, you want more heat to be escaping from the top of your head.

Thus, wouldn’t it be wise to choose a hat with an open-mesh back or one which is produced from breathable fabrics?

After all, some hats are designed to keep heat in and create warmth.

But these are the types and hats you’ll be looking to wear in the colder wintery months. But that’s another story in and of itself.

And to think that buying custom embroidered hats online is supposed to be easy…

Knowing These Two Embroidered Hat Terms
Makes Your Choice Simple

ScreenprintAZ Embroidered Trucker Hat With Airy Mesh Back

ScreenprintAZ Embroidered Trucker Hat With Airy Mesh Back

So what type of company logo or workforce hats will be best for the summer months?

Well, besides the trucker hat style with a mesh back you want to look for hats that are listed as ‘water absorbent’ (moister wicking) and ‘breathable’.

It’s that simple.

Because ‘water absorbent’ pulls the sweat from the body and ‘breathablefabrics allow the sweat and heat to escape (evaporate). Thus keeping the head cool under the sun.

So now you may forget all the fancy terminology which online embroidered hat sites spew… Because you’re now armed to make a great choice by simply knowing two simple terms.

Plus you know what to look for now -you may simply choose a hat style which you like.

If The Hats Are For Your Company Crew And Workforce
Then Consider This Hat Style Term

And if the hats are for your company crews and work force… and you want to advertise your company name, brand, patch, message or logo on the hats then you may want to consider the following hat style term.

The term is ‘structured’. And all structured means it is your hat will have some structure or rigidity to it.

Plus a structured hat tends to have taller front vertical crowns. A crown is simply the height of the hat from the base to the top (crown).

Which means the front of your hat will stand tall. It will not wilt like an unstructured hat.

And when your hat stands tall and maintains its structure then your logo or message or company name which you get embroidered on the vertical front of the hat will be easily visible to all.

Then once you choose your structured hat style, you simply choose a ‘brim’ style you like best. A ‘brim’ or ‘bill’ is the front portion of the hat which sticks out.

For example… You may choose a flat or a curved brim. And all this means it is that the front overhang of your hat will either be flat or curved.

What Type Of Hat Brim Is Best
For A Hot Summer Day?

ScreenprintAZ Nice Curved Embroidery Hat Bill For Added Sun Shade

ScreenprintAZ Nice Curved Embroidery Hat Bill For Added Sun Shade

Now, what is the best type of brim to choose for a bright hot summer day? That’s for you to choose.

However, to keep your work force cool and to protect them from the sun’s harmful rays, you may want to choose a curved brim.

Because the curvature is going to help block out more of the harmful UV sunshine rays from the sides of the hat. And that means your workers are staying cooler and have less exposure to the sun.

In sum, may this article turn you into a top level custom embroidered hat buying pro.

Because now you know to look for ‘water absorbent’ (moister wicking) and ‘breathable’ hats that are ‘structured’ with a ‘curved brim’.

See how easy that was?

Want More Expert Hat Embroidery Guidance?

However, if you prefer expert guidance or help when you’re looking for custom embroidered hats online then reach out and contact Screen Print AZ today.

Get instant answers to what the best summer month hats are and why.

And if you’re looking to have your logo embroidered on all four sides of a cool summer hat, then ask.

Because customized logo hats project a message that you’re a professional company which values their name, and reputation, and people.

Plus you’ll probably enjoy knowing that your work force and crews –are not only advertising your business 24/7 but they’ll be feeling cooler and thankful in the hot summer months -ahead.

When you contact Screen Print AZ… ask about current specials which include free logo digitization, even no setup charges, on all online custom embroidered hat orders of 10 units are more.

And if you have a question or comment? Leave one below. We’ll hit you back quick.

So stay cool, look good and increase your brand recognition this summer with a custom embroidered work force company hat today.

We’ll save the baloney for a sandwich. Enjoy.


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