Who Is The Best Local Embroidery Shop In Phoenix, Arizona?


Are you wondering who the best local embroidery shop is… that’s located in Phoenix, Arizona?

Well, if you’re like most of us, you may start by grabbing your trusty ole mobile device or tablet or even a laptop and begin searching the wonderful web for a local business -which offers a product or service you seek.

Embroidering flex fit hats locally at ScreenPrintAZ

And if you’re looking for embroidery apparel -like polo’s or corporate logo wear or… you may start searching locally for an ‘embroidery shop near me’.

Or if you’re located in or around the Phoenix Arizona metropolitan area, you may begin searching for ‘embroidery in Phoenix Arizona’. Which only makes sense, right?

After all you and your company may reside here -in the valley of the sun.

You may even be choosing a local embroiderer for faster results. At the same time, you may be looking for the best local embroidery shop to handle your custom apparel request.

However, once you hit the search button, you’re suddenly looking at a slew of results. And to your surprise, they’re all self-professing to be the best. So you may be wondering “how is this possible?”

After all, normally, the best is really the best. And usually one company may actually state that they’re the best.

Could it be that one local embroidery shop is actually better at embroidering hats and another at polo’s? Or is one better at embroidery design?

Who is the best? Or is it a combination of the two or three or four or…?

After all, if you’re like most of us, you may be thinking that the best is really the best. Right?

Because, if we think of the best, doesn’t this mean that one embroiderer is better than the other?  Is it no different than in sports…? Where the better team will win or something of the sort?

So, is it safe to say… that if every local embroidery shop is stating “we’re the best” then it must be pure gibberish?

After all, if you say you’re the best, then why not tell us or show us why you are the best.

This only makes sense. Right?

If you make a claim, without proof, then what good is it?

Wouldn’t it be nice if all local embroiderers immediately backed up their claims as to why they’re professing to be best -with proof? So we may avoid all the confusion?

For example… What if you saw a local embroiderer state “we’re the best because we use heavier weight embroidery thread which produces a crisper and cleaner logo look -on your embroidered apparel…” Or something of the sort.

Now you know why they may be the best because they prove it right away. Wow, that’s proof, right?

They’re actually backing up their claim rather than simply spewing out typical marketing gobbledy-gook.

However, if you’re like most of us, all you see is “we’re the best” with no proof. [Egad with a sigh…]

So if you’re looking for the best local embroidery shop in Phoenix, Arizona, then what qualities would you be looking for to determine who the best embroiderer would be? Who will you place your trust and business with?

Hum… what if we take a look at a few spit-balling ideas below as one way to discover who the best choice for you may be?

One Of Three Surefire Ways To Quickly Discover

The Best Local Embroidery Shop

Corporate wear shirts piling up after long day at ScreenPrintAZ

Corporate wear shirts piling up after long day at ScreenPrintAZ

Let’s go with the easiest surefire ways to quickly discover who the best local embroidery shop may be…

Number one -the simplest way to determine who may be the best local embroidery shop is to simply pick up or tap the phone, and call them.

Because you’ll be able to tell a lot about an embroidery company by how they answer or don’t answer their phone. Don’t you agree?

Imagine calling a local embroidery shop and having your call answered -almost immediately.

Then imagine experiencing a cheery voice on the other end of the call asking how they may be of service to you -today.

Could you possibly be one step closer to who your best choice will be?

Now imagine calling a different embroidery company and having your call answered by a machine. Where you’re suddenly being bombarded with a series of bombastic questions…

Then you’re requested to enter a number on your phones keypad to get you closer to the right department.

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Or worse, you enter the keypad number and then you’re given another set of keypad questions to answer before a human even answers your call, if it’s even answered! Or a recording tells you how long your wait will be?

Did you hang up by now?

Or what if you call another shop and they answer the phone but they’re rude or downright nasty? Or worse… they put you on hold and forgot about you.

Therefore, is it reasonable to conclude you will most likely choose the local embroiderer who answered your call with a cheery and helpful voice?

Does this not indicate… this company ‘cares about you’?

Do you feel they’re showcasing amazing customer service skills -right off the bat? And would you be wondering “why are their people in such a fantastic mood?” Could it be that this is a great place to work, or what?

Therefore one simple phone call will point you in the right direction. And this call may reveal who the best really is…

Surprise Attack… Why Not Drop In Unexpectedly?

Number two -do a surprise attack.

Which means, why not drop in on the company unexpectedly? Especially if you plan on placing a huge embroidered shirt or hat order.

Because who wouldn’t be able to tell a lot about a company by visiting their local embroidery store or shop.

Cheerful embroidery expert at ScreenPrintAZ

Cheerful embroidery expert at ScreenPrintAZ

Imagine waltzing in unannounced and being greeted by a smiling face or a cheerful receptionist. Where they ask you, once again, “how may we be of service?”

Then once you share you’re interested in some custom embroidered polo’s and company swag… The person who greeted you wholeheartedly shares “follow me” and escorts you directly to another team member’s office who is excited and ready to help.

Wow. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Now imagine strolling into a different local shop and no one is there to greet you.

And all you hear is a loud ruckus taking place somewhere down a long hallway -just to the right of the lobby.

So you call out “is anyone here” three times. And finally a head pops out of an office and yells “take the seat, we’ll be right with you”. Seriously?

Will you take a seat? Or will you, without hesitation, skedaddle back to the first embroidery company where you were greeted like royalty?

Well, if you’re like most of us, you’re probably already hightailing back to the first friendly company… Right?

After all who doesn’t want to feel good while doing business with others who feel good?

Therefore, is it possible that unexpected visits will also shine a light on who your best choice for corporate wear really is?

But, you probably want to find out if they know what they’re doing, right?

Are they good at what they do? Which leads us to our third spitball idea.

Show Me Your Battle Tested Apparel Expert

Number three –show me your battle tested apparel expert.

Another way to gauge who the best local embroidery shop is to ask a lot of questions.

Think of it this way. You’re probably an expert at what you do, but when it comes to corporate apparel and shirt types and embroidery, you may want some helpful guidance and advice, like most of us. Right?

Unless, of course, you’re already a battle tested logo apparel purchasing agent who already knows the ropes. Then you may quickly find the best local embroiderer because you’ll know what questions to ask.

However, if you’re a new business and you’re looking to brand your image for the first time, then it’s always good to talk to an apparel expert.

Now let’s go back to the prior two examples and weave in the following…

Imagine having the cheerful person answer your call… but when you start asking tough questions about different types of polo’s, and company swag, and uniform shirt blends, and even embroidery options, and all of it… The cheery voice shares “we may help, let me get you over to one of our experts, hold one second…”

Then you’re immediately transferred to an expert who is equipped to answer all your questions.

Would that be nice or what? You’re batting 1000 with this company.

Now imagine asking the same type of questions to a different company, whom professes to be the best, but they have no answers?

Talk about scary, right?

Therefore, is it not ideal to talk to an expert?

And would it not be fair to accept the cheery voice person, who answered your call, if they respond with an honest answer -when you start asking questions.

And they say “Oh, I’m the receptionist… I’m not a battle tested apparel expert quite yet, however I want you to get the right information… So will you allow me to have one of our top level pros call you back within 30 minutes to answer all of your questions?”

Will this little bit of honestly go a long way, especially if you have a good feeling about how your call was handled? And you were told they are busy but will call you back.

Or what if you paid a local embroidery company a surprise visit, and you are greeted with a smile and care, would you not being happy to wait to speak with an expert? … As the receptionist offers you a fresh coffee or water or a soda while you wait.

And what if you share you don’t have time to wait right now and the cheerful receptionist asked if you were local?

After all, who knows, you may be in town for a convention. And you want custom embroidered shirts for your trade show which is starting in two days.

And you’re actually were not a local, and you shared that with them. And suddenly the receptionist shares “Oh, I understand, would you like me have one of our experts bring some shirts by your hotel later today so you may be able to pick out on ideal shirt to have your company logo embroidered on for your show?”

Would it not be fair to say your jaw suddenly drop when you heard those words? As you’re thinking to yourself “my-gosh, can it get any better than this?”

Do you think you just located the best local embroidery shop in Phoenix, Arizona?

Or what if you are a local and an embroidery company rep offers to swing by your place of business, with plenty of sample shirts, to meet with you?

Will this not place them on the top of your list for who the best is?

So, as every local embroidery shop appears to profess “we’re the best” you may now know who the best really is. Not because they simply state that they’re the best, but because they just proved they’re the best. Wouldn’t you agree?

Other Attributes You May Consider

When You’re Seeking The Best Local Embroiderer

Proving your one of the best local embroidery shops in Phoenix Arizona by aligning side hits on hats

Sure, there may be other attributes which you may be looking for when seeking out the best local embroiderer. Some of these attributes may include…

  • Do they have reviews
  • Real testimonials
  • Do they give to good causes
  • Do they support their community
  • Are they environmentally friendly
  • Do they offer guarantees
  • Are they made in the USA
  • Do they verified proper wages are being paid by vendors
  • Is their staff and team paid well (Did the ‘cheery’ example answer this)
  • Is their embroidery equipment modern enough
  • Will they be able to meet my deadline
  • Do they carry ample inventory
  • Will they be able to match my PMS company colors
  • Do they ship and deliver

And the list goes on... But only you’ll know what you deem to be a valuable attribute for your business when choosing who you think is the best.

After all showing and proving you are the best versus professing to be the best is worth its weight in gold.

Why Not Be Treated Like Royalty?

Therefore if you’re looking for who is the best local embroidery shop in Phoenix, Arizona, then we hope the above inside scoop helps you decide.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to be treated like royalty -then contact ScreenPrintAZ or call us at (480) 788-0303 now.

Or better yet, go ahead and surprise us.

Swing by 906 South Priest, Unit 102 in Tempe, Arizona, 85281 today.

We’re not going to state that were the best. We’d rather prove it.

And you decide.

What do you think?

Leave a comment below on what you think being the best really means…

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