Screen Print AZ – Terms of Service

Please read and review the following Terms of Service as they relate to the use of this site, and ScreenPrintAZ family run sites, and third party sites we link to. By using this site, you agree to be bound by these terms as set forth. We reserve the right to modify or change these terms over time. And you agree to these changes by using this site whether you’ve been notify about any new changes or not. If you do not agree with the following terms, then do not use this site or family run sites or third party sites we may link to.

Origin of Service

ScreenPrintAZ is a legally registered State of Arizona Company. ScreenPrintAZ operates and abides by local jurisdictional, City and State laws. And federal laws pertaining FTC requirements and use and disclaimers. If any dispute should occur, then the governing laws of the State of Arizona shall be the ruling body.

Ordering Products and or Services

By creating an account and or by ordering any type of product and or service from ScreenPrintAZ you acknowledge and attest that you are who you say you are. That you have the power to enter into an online transaction. That you are of legal age and or you have permission or are authorized to procure said products and or services from screenprintaz and its family run Company’s and third party platforms and or hosted stores on your and or businesses behalf.

Terms and PO’s

Standard terms apply. You’ll pay for your order in full at the time you place your order. An order not paid-in-full is not considered to be an active order until paid and will affect your turnaround time. Non-active orders will not enter production.

PO’s for orders are acceptable if you have complete an in-house credit application and were approved for a set or open amount. No PO’s will be accepted unless approved by screenprintaz.

Parental Permission

Screenprintaz and family run site(s) are not directed at nor intended for use by children under the age of 13. Please see our privacy statement for more info. Strict parental permission is required for children under age 13 to use this site and family run site(s). If you are under the age 13, you agree to leave this site and family run sites immediately.

Online Designs and Fulfillment

You acknowledge that T shirt, embroidered hats, custom polos and promo product designs you create using our online third party design platforms may not be exact color matches to design colors you create when using online design templates and platforms. You acknowledge that you understand monitors, laptops, tablets and mobile device screens emit RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colors which are light transmitting colors and you understand that all screen printing, printing, imprinting and embroidery threading colors are dyed or printed in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key –Black) light absorbing colors which tend to be a slight hue darker than RBG color. Noting these color mixes can make up millions of different types of colors. And by ordering your design online T’s, Hats, Shirts, Polos and Promotional Products you agree you understand the colors will NOT be exact.

If you want a more precise color match then you can provide custom Pantone Coated color call-outs with your order and or provide color swatches via delivery or mail for us to match. You also understand that custom color matches will not be 100% exact and custom color matching will cost more than listed pricing you see on screenprintaz and family run Company site(s)…

Turnaround Times

Turnaround times can vary depending on art proofing, sample request, color matching, hard copy proofs, and inventory levels. Normal turn times can run anywhere between 5 and 9 days FOB factory / facility plus shipping time. It’s always good to plan in advance when ordering custom tee shirts, embroidered polos, hats, caps and promotional items. Please call screenprintaz for guaranteed in-hands date. And if you’re willing to pay for rush-order status and overnight shipping to expedite your order(s) faster.

Art Files

Art Files received using one of the screenprintaz ‘Online Design Platforms’ will be proofed for your approval. You are responsible for your spelling, so please double check all text. If you are providing art files then please (upload or provide a link) to your designs at 100 to 120 PPI at size. Convert text to outline and provide ‘Custom Fonts’ if in use. Acceptable formats can be Ai, PSD and Vector. If you hire screenprintaz staff design department to create your design(s) then we will provide to spec for your approval.

Hard Copy Proofs

If you’re picky and wanting to nail your shirt and or hat colors, and match your Company Pantone Coated call out colors and make sure your branding is ‘on-the-mark’ with your promotion, giveaway, event, or even for coworker and staffing branded colors, then ask for hard copy proofs or your actual design(s) and or layout prints on the actual tee shirt or polo or cap. Please plan in advance for any type of custom color match and hard copy proofs. Depending on your order size, extra cost can be expected. Call screenprintaz for help.

Shirt Samples

If you are not sure which T shirt or Polo will be best for your promotion, giveaway or branding, then please call screenprintaz for expert advice and help. Even though we provide a ‘Shirt Sizing’ charts on the product detail pages we understand your concern. We do charge for non-printed or embroidered sample shirts. However, if you’re ordering 60 Shirts or more we will credit your sample cost to your order when placed. Any orders under 60 shirts will pay for samples. You may visit screenprintaz and view random samples and gain expert advice in person. Please call ahead of time for quicker greeting and no wait once you arrive.


You agree to double check and provide a correct shipping address on all orders you want shipped. You’re are now aware ‘Standard Ground’ shipping, on average, can take approximately 2 to 3 days to reach you. You’re now further aware shipping to Alaska and Hawaii can take 7 to 10 days. Other shipping options are available for a higher cost. These can include next day, guaranteed 2 days and so on. However, we cannot be responsible for actual shipping carries times once your order leaves our factory(s) FOB factory. Weather, road and airport closures, even acts of god can affect standard shipping times which are outside our control. We cannot be held accountable, responsible nor liable for delivered orders (packages) which are stolen from doorsteps, other. We are not responsible for lost shipments once they leave our factories. If such should occur, we will help you resolve this issue with the shipping carrier. If you’re facing a short deadline, please consider all your shipping options.

Damage and Returns

When your product(s) arrive or if you’re picking them up you want to inspect your order. If ship-in order, please inspect the box and or package for visible damage. If any visible damage to box and or package is noticeable then alert the shipping carrier on the spot and or take photos of the damage immediately and alert the shipping carrier and screenprintaz right away, usually within 24 hours, if the shipping carrier has already left. We will work with you to resolve any shipping damaged products as quickly as possible. If you’re picking up, you can insect your order at our facility or when you arrive back to your location. Please check each product within a 24 hour time period. After 24 hours you acknowledge your order is damage free and acceptable and no returns or redo’s will be allowed. Even though we photograph, document and inspect each order before packaging sometimes errors can occur. Errors defined as a hem not being sew-in, even a tear… If you notice any damage then contact screenprintaz immediately. Take photos of the damage in question so we can compare to photos taking prior to leaving the factory floor and act to resolve any damaged product. Returns on custom orders to specifications cannot be made. The order was filled, printed, produced to your specifications.  

Screen Printing on Zipper Hoodies

You are aware hoodies zippers up the front (non-pull-over) create an un-even screen printing surface. This un-even surface can affect full print quality and therefore you are advised and accept un-even print surfaces on apparel items can be off –somewhat and or be set not to print on raised zipper area all together.

Out of Stock

ScreenprintAZ is not responsible listed products that can turn to ‘out-of-stock’ items that can occur suddenly when large run orders hit and instantly deplete certain color T Shirt, Polo Shirt, Hat and Cap inventory items. Please call for help choosing an ideal alternative until inventory is replenished.


Once you place your order it cannot be canceled. Each order is considered a customized request. Inventory is pulled and removed from the system. This can result in a subsequent order being alerted as temporarily ‘out-of-stock’ and result in the loss of revenue. Because your order pulled the remaining quantities for your order. Other departments are alerted of your order once placed and custom screens can be built and stretched. Even the art department gets involved to assess your designs and or begin the proof process. However, we want to work with you and you may contact us a support @ screenprintaz . com or call us.

Return Check Fee

You will be charged $35 for returned checks to cover our fees associated with such.

Secure Information and Processing

Screenprintaz and or its family run Company’s and or third party platforms follow industry standard best practices to secure your transactions and keep your data safe. Securing your data can include the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and or TLS (Transport Layer Security) security which encrypts data for secure communication of data. Safeguards can also include the use of dedicated IP hosting and cloud base added layered and firewall security. Including backend security. Screenprintaz limits secure stored data log-in access to vested and or trusted management member responsible for access only to secure data. Log-in access can be marked and time stamped. And log-in passwords can be changed regularly for higher security purposes. Even though all the security measures can be in place, you are hereby advised that the internet cannot be deemed to be 100% secure. Using public or shared Wi-Fi, accessing the net on unsecure mobile networks, prying eyes, spoofing and a host of other intangible acts can affect your personal online experience and data security. We do not police the net, nor can we attest to the security protocol in use on billions of online websites, stores, browsers, apps, your other online interactions and network access points. We disclaim any and all liability for any breach or loss or theft of data and or damages and you agree to hold us harmless if any loss should occur which you and or your Company could experience. As of this date that you are reading this, no issues have arisen or are expected to arise. However we disclaim as above fore mentioned. If anything should ever occur? You (account holders) will be notified.


The content on this site and or family run site(s) or third party linked sites are protected by copyright, trade name and trademark laws. The copyright, and branded content on this site is the property of ScreenPrintAZ. You may engage with this sites information, platforms and content freely. However you may NOT duplicate, copy, adapt, display, reiterate or present this copyrighted information and content for distribution or for sale of any kind without expressed written consent. You cannot make use of copyrighted and protected content, materials, and information for any commercial and or non-commercial exploitation of copyright protected material. By utilizing this site you agree to all copyright and restrictive notices as posted.


Links refers to all links on this site (NOT links on sites we link to). We do NOT create, endorse, maintain, nor do we have or take any responsibility for links, advertising, content, products, material, information and or services made available on any other site, even those we link to. And may it be clear, that we will not be held responsible or liable, whether indirectly or directly, for any type of loss or damages that occur or are alleged to occur to you in connection with your use of content, materials, goods, products, or services presented or available on any third party platform and other site. Other sites that link to this site via open comments, guest blogging, live channels, podcast, and video and or even other site link(s) which seek to obtain link permission first, are still considered to be any other site. And we reserve the right to remove any other site link(s), even strip away and or block linking attempts on all open comment channels and social. We further reserve the right to remove any link on our site for any reason at any given time.

Type of Allowable Service

ScreenPrintAZ and its family run businesses are to be considered as a “G” rated T shirt screen printing Company, embroidery Company, promotional products Company, custom embroidered hat Company, Direct To Garment (DTG) Apparel Company, Printing Company, and branding Company. We reserve the right to deny service and or request for anything that maybe and can be deemed as hateful, offensive, hurtful, obscene, and or of non-moral character.

Comments and Submissions

We welcome and encourage your comments, questions and input on our open comment section(s), blog, vlog, YouTube channel, review sites, live interactions, forums, social media, email, and anywhere open communication, commenting and interaction is allowable. We reserve the right to remove any NON G-rated comments and or any abusive, threatening, or derogatory types of interaction. We also reserve the right to block you and your IP and we may even cancel your account if we deem your interactions to be abusive, harmful, and or offensive. Our goal is to operate a clean family orientated G-rated site(s).

Spam comments, posts or listings will be immediately reported as spam and you may, can, and or will be blocked. We are NOT responsible screening or for any material appearing in any of our open comment sections or forums or social-groups. We are NOT liable for your comments, post or messages that may contain copyrighted and trademark infringement material, posting of private personal information, and the accuracy of your information or post.

By posting in any open comment section or forum or group you are granting us and or our current family run Company’s a perpetual, universal, and nonexclusive right to make use of your comments, questions, reviews and or posting in their original, even edited form to be utilized in live channels, articles, blogs, vlogs, videos, books, pages, social and any other form of content media. Noting that, per our privacy statement NO personal identifiable information will be shared, unless we have your expressed written permission to do so.

And please DO NOT provide any big ideas or unsolicited creative ideas, because these may and can conflict with our own ideas we may or can have in the works. Keep your creative ideas to yourself to avoid any or all foreseeable conflicts. If you do submit creative ideas or big ideas then they will become our property. We cannot nor will NOT become obligated or subject to any form of confidence or implied non-disclosure by your submission(s). And if you do send us unsolicited big ideas they will become ours to use as the exclusive right holder globally and will have unrestricted rights to said idea(s) for any purpose, without notification or compensation to the provider of the unsolicited idea(s). Please keep your personal and confidential ideas to yourself.


You agree and have given us expressed written permission to use your provided photo and or video and Company name or title in our testimonial sections. If for any reason you wish to have your testimonial removed, then please contact us at support @ screenprintAZ .com.


The site content, products, services, claims, and materials are provided “as-is” without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. We further disclaim all warranties either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied deadlines which may be delayed by factory shortage, adverse weather, road closures, and airport closures. Except for the guarantees we offer which are clearly stated on our site(s).

Neither we nor potentially any of the 3rd party Company host platform content site(s), 3rd party site(s), suppliers (hosting, platforms, providers, content, services, platforms, guest, vendors, associations, other) warrants that any function or usability of said site(s) will be uninterrupted, nor that errors or even defects will be corrected, or that the site(s) which make them available, will be free of malware or viruses or other harmful components. Neither we nor potentially our family run site(s) or 3rd party platform site(s), suppliers and 3rd party associations, and platforms warrants or makes any representation what so ever, regarding the usability or the results of usability of the content, products, services, information and materials in the site(s) as to their reliability, accuracy, correctness, and all things associated with. You (NOT us, or any of our family run businesses or 3rd party site(s)) assumes all necessary repair and cost to your system.

As our privacy statement clearly states, ‘no site can be 100% protected’. However, applicable law may not allow the exclusion of implied warranties. Therefore, the above exclusion may not be applicable to you. Further, we do not guarantee or warrant any services and or products on site(s) we link to except for our group of family run Company site(s) where a said warranty or guaranteed may or may not be spelled out. We are not a party to 3rd party transactions between you and third party providers of goods, products and or services.

Limitation of Liability

In no way, shape or form what so ever, including but not limited to negligence, will we or any of our 3rd party platforms, vendors, and suppliers be liable for any consequential or special damages that result from the use of, or your inability to use, the information and platforms and processes of site(s) or any services or products being provided to the site(s), even if advised of the possibility of such damages. Noting applicable law may not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability, even incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of data. Therefore the above exclusion or limitation may not even apply to you. In no event shall the total liability to you by us or by any of our suppliers or third party vendors for all damages, losses, and cause for action (tort, contract or other) exceed the amount paid, if any, for accessing the site(s).

In no way, shape or form will be held liable or responsible for any loss (directly or indirectly) or damages that are caused or allegedly to have been caused to you in your connection with or your use of any services, goods, products, platforms you receive or access from comment links, post, reply’s and or any third party site.

We are also not liable or responsible for any damages or loss that is caused or alleged to have been caused to our users relating to the display of their account photo, bio, or name on our site(s) as agreed upon or not or with permission.

Professional Advice Disclaimer

We do not nor do we profess to be legal professionals’. You want to seek out the advice of trained professionals that practice in the above professions for expert advice and guidance regarding the use of site(s).

Mobile SMS and Texting

We may elect to deploy SMS texting. If you are asked to provide your phone number for the purpose of receiving SMS text we will advise you on the use. The use may be to send you text messages regarding the tracking of your most recent order(s), a special promotion running out reminder, an opt-in security measure, an account security protocol, even updates to material changes in our terms and or privacy statement. Including important messages from Screen Print AZ.

You can choose to opt-out of receiving any future text by replying to the text with the word ‘STOP’. Therefore, if we decide to implement this feature and it’s made clear and you provide your phone number, you authorize us and grant us permission to text you until you opt-out or contact us at support @ screenprintaz .com.

And as our privacy statement states, we do NOT lease, rent, share or sell your information (and or phone number). We only look for ways to deliver a better user experience and keep you up to date on any importation updates from Screen Print AZ.

Upright Use of Site and Account Security

By using this site and family run Company site(s) and third party platforms and site(s) you understand that the information, listings, products, content, and presentation of… are copyrighted by law. You agree not to duplicate, scrap, copy, or distribute copyrighted information, content, and or photos unless you have our expressed written consent to do so.

You further understand, that your user-name and password you choose to set-up and access your account is your responsibility. You agree to maintain your personal, and or Company login user name and password details securely.

You understand by knowingly sharing your confidential personal login credentials with any third party can void any and all expressed, written or implied agreements between you and our Company.

We reserve the right to contact you should we detect or be alerted to any unusual activity in your account. Our terms of service policy, as expressed, on this page, are in effect including all copyright protections under the law.

Effective May 2018