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Looking For A Cost Effective Way To Advertise Your Business… Without All The Fuss?
Have you ever found yourself yanking your hair out while trying to figure out the best way to advertise or promote your business -large or small?

Or you’re looking for a cost effective way to attract new business or grow your loyal customer base?

And you’re constantly confronting mind rattling ad choices? Choices like radio, TV, print, direct mail, mobile or social media ads, even e-mail marketing?

And if you’re using more than one advertising outlet, did the ad platform just update and change again? And you’re suddenly facing a torrid of unexpected time sinks… where you’re forced to relearn how it all works, again?

“Oh, for the simpler days of years long past…”

Or let’s say, you choose one or two of these advertising options listed above. Will you still be going bonkers? Because, now you’ll want to decide which markets to target or test.

And if you go with online and mobile advertising, then which ad platforms or social media channels will you choose? Which ones will generate the best reach for you? Will you be able to zero-in on your ideal audience, and all of it?

Or what if you’re an online start-up or a small business? Will you even have the time to figure it all out? After all, wasn’t it easier pre-internet, back in the early 2000’s?

Where all you probably did was place a simple yellow page ad? And that was just about it. Or maybe you even mailed or handed out your pretty printed brochures along with thank you cards. And life was good.

But now-a-days, you’re probably reeling from the shuttering shock of an ever changing tech landscape. And you’re probably choosing among a combination of online, mobile and print medium advertising. And e-mail marketing, if not more.

You may even be exhibiting at trade shows to seduce white-hot leads. Or you may be hosting an event or even sponsoring a charitable cause, tourney or 10k race?

But suddenly, the dread of those diabolical online and mobile marketing platforms update -yet again, almost overnight. And now you’re forced to grind it out, one more time. And figure out how it all works again and again, and again.

“Do you have any hair left?”

The Best Kept Secret -Why Promotional Products Are Generating Ginormous Results
Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simpler way? A more cost effective way? A proven way to turn your prospects into a loving loyal customers, without all the fuss?

Did you know one of the best kept secrets which generates ginormous results, for all types of businesses, is called promotional products?

And the average American has at least 10 of these promotional products in use or in their possession. And these promotional items are continuing to market your brand for months, if not years, even decades after you’ve given them out as gifts or giveaways.

Don’t Believe The Average American Has At Least 10 Promotional Products In Their Possession -Then Do This
Don’t believe it? Go take a look in your cupboard, dishwasher, closet, car or truck. Take a look on your desk, fridge or even a wall. And take a good look when you’re out and about. You’ll probably spot tons of promo items and swag… that are broadcasting brand logos or memorable messages or even a tantalizing tag lines everywhere you go.

“Are you starting to see the picture and big secret?”

For example, what if you give away promotional mugs? Nice ceramic mugs with your logo on them, even a cool tag line. And one of your grateful recipients fills his or her cup with morning brew -every day. And brings it to work or play?

How many other consumers or prospects, do you think, will see your company name? Is this recipient, now, a brand ambassador for you and you’re business?

It’s no different than branded T shirts, pricy pens, logo tote bags, personalized hats, imprinted USB drives, mobile power banks, event sponsored lanyards, company calendars, embroidered outerwear, commemorative drinkware and other unique promo products… to name a few.

Can you imagine having your company’s custom printed calendars hanging on walls in shops or lobby’s or offices -year round? Imagine all the secondary views your logo will seize.

Or how about pricy personalized pens that seldom find the trash can or even custom branded shirts which quickly turn into an army of walking billboards –just for you?

But how about those who go for dirt cheap promo items? Will they be shooting themselves in the foot? Wasting money? Wouldn’t it be ideal to giveaway swag and custom promo items that prospects, customers and consumers want to have, use or wear?

“Shsss, let’s keep that a secret, shall we?”

How Logo Imprinted Products Can Turn Consumers Into Armies Of Brand Ambassadors For You –A Hypothetical Story
For example… let’s say you want to land a new big account. And let’s pretend you’re in the art reproduction game. A business where you print generic paintings on canvas. Pictures that are used to hang in hotel rooms, hall ways, foyers and office buildings.

And you meet a guy named Bob. And Bob is a big time buyer for a hypothetical company called the ACME Interior Design Group. And you know that Bob spends millions of dollars a year on reproduction art. Where Bob orders canvas print art, like you offer, for his wide reaching client base.

And you recently met Bob at an industry tradeshow. And he kept talking about his love for the game of golf. How he’s a scratch golfer, and jokes about his water seeking balls. Where his golf balls magically seem to sail into every single water hazard on the course that Bob plays, every time, no matter what.

And you know you’re talking to a potential life changing -whale of an account, you want to land. However, Bob would rather talk about his golfing adventures than know more about your canvas printing business… But, you hit it off. You exchange business cards.

And, as the show wraps up, you notice that your competition is handing Bob a cheap logo pen or some lowly two-bit gift, so you decide splurge.

You get back to your small shop, you get online and you order up 2 dozen top-shelf custom printed golf balls with your company’s logo on them. You professionally wrap this sweet promotional advertising product and send it off to Bob with a hand written card. Where you write “Have A Drink On Me -On Your Next Round -Bob”.

Bob receives your gift and is flabbergasted. Because he knows, when a golfer shanks a golf ball into a water hazard, its slang for… being in the “drink”.

Bob can’t stop showing off your gift to his cohorts, buddies and friends. He even doles out a few of your logo imprinted golf balls to his golfing partners, while jovially laughing, when they find the “drink” too.

And they notice your logo and company name. And they immediately associate your company brand with big time Bob. Bob’s now turns into a brand ambassador for you!

But the best part is, Bob has another 300k weekly order to fill. Your phone rings. It’s Bob. He request some sample prints from you. And a few days later, you get the order.

8 Out Of 10 Consumers Who Receive Your Swag Are More Likely To Do Business With You
Why did Bob go with you? Because it’s proven that 8 out of 10 consumers who receive your swag are more likely to do business with you?

And 50% of prospects, customers and alike who receive your promotional products will try your product or service or do business with you or your company.

Because you gave them a gift. The fact is that 9 out of every 10 people can actually recall a brand name from a promotional gift they receive. And it’s also known as the law of reciprocity.

Whereas, how many can recall the last mobile ad they saw or streaming commercial… if it’s not repeated quite a few times?

Would You Want A Cheap Pen Or Two-Bit Gift?
Now, what about those competitors who gave Bob a cheap pen or a two-bit gift? Well, chances are those cheap pens flew into the nearest trash bin in Bob’s hotel suite that day.

“Nobody really wants cheap do they? Shsss, another secret”

With this in mind, what will you be spending on promo products and business promotional gifts? Well, one way to answer this question is to consider a business term you’re probably aware of…

A term which marketers, ad execs and small businesses owners enjoy tossing around a lot. A coined term called “customer acquisition cost”.

Which means, the average cost a business will spend to reel in a new account, customer or sale. This cost can vary widely. Some businesses may spend anywhere from $20 to $60, even hundreds of dollars, if not more, trying to acquire one new account.

Why You’re Probably Landing Whales And New Accounts -Like Clockwork With This Hidden Power
And guess what? You’re probably landing whales and new accounts like clockwork.  Because your “customer acquisition cost” can easily be traced to the cost of giving away a higher value promotional product.

Because you know the honest-to-God, hidden power, that promotional products can generate. Especially promo products that consumers love to wear, share and use.

What Are The Best Promotional Products To Giveaway –By Category?

But what are the best promotional products to giveaway -by category? Let’s take a look at the gifts and swag which consumers love to own and use in the USA.

Number one on the list is custom tee shirts. Almost 60% of the population has some kind of screen printed T shirt they enjoy wearing. And when your target market wears your custom tees… the better exposure for you and your brand.

Number two is promo drinkware… like branded mugs, tumblers, sports bottles, aluminum bottles, shot glasses and stadium cups. Because over half of the population digs these kind of freebies.

Number three is branded bags. About half the consumers use logo imprinted tote bags, reusable grocery bags, canvas carrying bags and other types of custom printed bags.

Plus branded bags give you the largest ‘reach’ to catch more consumer attention. Which means, you can’t get better brand exposure for your company like you can with promo bags.

“Is your jaw-dropping yet? Based on these top three facts, alone? Let’s drop it some more, shall we?”

Also reigning in, at about 50% of the population, are writing instruments, personalized pens and outwear. Who doesn’t like a nice imprinted pen or a warm cozy embroidered fleece jacket or hoodie?

Other popular promo products and swag that make the grade include… USB drives, embroidered polo shirts, desk accessories, health and safety items, power banks, umbrellas, performance wear, calendars and nice embroidery hats and headgear.

The giveaway gifts listed above are some of the most popular items. And are sure to stay in the consumers clutches for months, if not years to come.

Plus, you have your typical Holiday gift baskets, branded popcorn bins, LED lit special event necklaces, lanyards and 1000’s of other personalized gifts to zero in on, for every type of market. Even screen printed towels, and all types of uses.

Want To Know What Promotional Gifts Women Favor Verses Men? …Then Contact ScreenPrintAz Today
And if you want the low-down on which promotional items are favored by women verses men or vice versa… And broken down into which products are more popular by region, then call ScreenPrintAZ today. We’ll be excited to break it all down for you.

Can you imagine having intra-company bragging rights? Where you secretly know that each swag item you giveaway can turn half of your recipients into customers? Consumers who will be ordering from you, in the near future?

Can you imagine exploiting the secret pulling power of promotional products -today? And keeping it simple, and not getting all caught up in the whirlwind of which social channel is best, to place ads on? Or which broadcasting stations to advertise on or even what type of print to put in play?

Imagine running free promo and swag giveaways on social media platforms? Maybe giving away a cool promo product for every email sign up? The sky’s the limit, after-all who doesn’t want free stuff, right?

So, if you want to gain access to a treasure trove of promotional products today, then view or shop the ScreenPrintAZ promo catalog now.

And if you want expert advice on which swag products will work best for your unique target market or base, then call ScreenPrintAZ today. We’ll be happy to assist you.

After all, even though ScreenPrintAZ is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, we’re not giving away logo umbrellas here, in the Valley of the Sun, those go to our customers in the Northwest and Louisiana.

Which means, there’s an ideal region of the country which is best suited for every type of branded advertising item you can imagine… Custom Hats in Florida? You got that right.

And we’ll even reveal more insider secrets and facts that will help you make an informed decision. Which not many marketers may even be aware of?

So, grab an edge in the promo game and start checking out the online promo catalog now or contact ScreenPrintAZ today.