Overlooked Marketing Secret Exposed! How A Company Embroidered Logo Shirt And Uniform Hat Helps You Smash Your Competition


Overlooked Marketing Secret Exposed!
How A Company Embroidered Logo Shirt
And Uniform Hat Helps You Smash Your Competition

Did you know one of the most overlooked and cost of effective marketing strategies a company, business, or corporation may implement is as simple as donning their workforce and staff in company uniforms?

Would it surprise you to know that this workwear apparel marketing strategy is so cost effective that you may brand-up each one of your team members in style for as low as $24 a head?

And now-a-days $24 may be offset by holding 1 less meeting or even skipping a paid lunch with a fellow associate.


How Will You Benefit?

But what are the benefits you may expect to receive from wearing in-vogue company apparel? Not plain Jane shirts, but real stylish branded apparel like comfy company embroidered logo shirts and a matching embroidered hats.

Well, have you ever noticed that if you suddenly stopped and look around that you would see that most small businesses and many tech companies are not utilizing this simple, yet powerful, marketing strategy?

Could it be that these companies have a relaxed, wear whatever you feel is appropriate, dress code, if any code at all.

And if you are competing against companies like these, are you starting to feel a little bit of excitement? After-all, they’re overlooking a competitive advantage, but are you?

Could you be starting to see that this is an overlooked apparel marketing opportunity which you may want to seize control of?


It’s Late In The Day –There’s A Knock At Your Door
What Will You Do?

For example, what ‘secret’ benefits could
one possibly expect? And who wins?

Well, have you ever considered how you would feel if you found yourself in one of these following hypothetical scenarios...

  • It’s late in the day. There’s a knock at your door. You stroll over to see who’s there. You peek out a notice a person holding something in their hand and they are in street clothes.

Will you be hesitant to open the door?

  • You’re going in for minor day surgery. A doctor waltzes in wearing overalls with no shirt.

Will you be rescheduling your surgery, fast?

  • You’re busy. You’re hungry. You swing by the new local grocery store to quickly grab some ingredients to make your family a nice pasta dinner. You bolt in. It’s crowded. You look up at the nearest overhead grocery store sign and its say aisle number 52. So you look around frantically but you cannot spot a clerk to simply ask what aisle(s) your ingredients may be located on.

Will you bolt right back out and settle for fast food?

However, what if these above scenarios played out like this…

  • The person knocking on your door was wearing a company embroidered hat and a matching company logo polo shirt.

Will you be more apt to open the door?

  • The doctor strolls into your room wearing surgical scrubs and looks the part.

Will you feel more comfortable now?

  • After you look up at the aisle sign in the grocery store. You glance around. You quickly notice smiling staff wearing nice corporate logo shirts -which are easy to spot. You walk up and ask the clerk which aisle your ingredients are on. You’re told aisle 17.

How good does that feel?


Who Doesn’t Want To Do Business
With Your Professional Company?

Now, even though these above hypothetical scenarios may seem a bit farfetched, are you starting to see how uniform shirts and company hats may actually make a big difference? You see how this may feel good?

So do you think you’ll quickly become a new or repeat customer who will enjoy doing business with these professionals and companies?

And if so, is it possible that their custom company polo shirts or branded company T shirts or uniforms or embroidered hats swayed you to favor ‘them’ over their competition?

And if you were swayed, could it be that you felt one or all of the following…

  • Their company uniforms or corporate clothing projected an impression that these businesses or professionals were more knowledgeable?
  • Their company shirts made them look like professionals?
  • It was easy for you to spot their company representative?
  • You felt good knowing -who the actual employees are?
  • You felt like you just interacted with a well-organized business?

Or did something else sway you? And if so, please share how you felt about interacting with companies that don their work force, staff, and employees in company hats and shirts… verses a company that wears no branded clothing. Add your comment below this article.

Are you starting to see the tremendous benefits that this low cost, mostly overlooked, marketing tactic will bring to your business?


Do Company Uniforms
Create A Sense Of Belonging?

And if you’re wondering about how your work force or staff or employees will feel about wearing company uniforms then consider this…

Well, did you know, research proves that we as humans just want to belong. We want to be a part of a group. We want acceptance and belonging.

Therefore a simple uniform creates a sense of belonging for which one may feel as if they are part of the group, team, or tribe.

And when someone feels a sense of belonging, will you also conclude, they’re going to be more productive and happy? And who doesn’t want happy employees.


…And That Sure Did Suck
Do You Remember?

Plus, not long ago, most of us started our working careers with a business or company. And if you’re like most, it was an entry level position.

Could have been a summer gig working in retail or waiting tables or being on a  landscaping crew or even a ground floor job at a major corporation.

Do you remember what it was like to start your first job? And you were told you’ll need to buy your own tailored shirts or pants or shoes or worse, a suit… to fall-in-line with the company’s dress code.

Well, most people just starting out in an entry level job do not have the extra cash to be buying company required clothing. And that sure did suck, right?

So by providing your work force with company shirts and hats you’re saving your employees money. Because now, they’re not stressing out or being required to shell-out or borrow money to go purchase new clothes.

Everyone within your company is also benefitting from your investment in company branded workforce logo apparel.

Do you see how this simple marketing maneuver is oozing with benefits?


Workforce Turns Brand Ambassador
Free Advertising

Plus when your staff, crews, team, or workforce is out and about… you’re also gaining free advertising for your company or business.

They are like brand ambassadors promoting your business 24/7...

  • When they stop for gas in the morning your brand is being exposed and noticed.
  • When they go to lunch you’re advertising to the masses.
  • After work, if they go to happy hour or dinner or the ballpark or just about anywhere, your company-name continues to generate brand recognition.

And this exposure and recognition resonates in the mind of the consumer, over time.

Which means, studies show that if you are exposed to the same message or brand at least seven times you’ll be able to recall that brand when you’re looking for a product or service they offer.

This is why promotional imprinted logo branded products generate ravishing results. It’s simply repeat exposure over time. It works.

Now that you may be more aware of all the major benefits that this most overlooked marketing technique generates, will you be taking advantage of it?


Home Of The 12 Dollar Embroidered Polo And Hat

Will you begin smashing your competition soon?

And if so, and you’re looking for a custom shirt and hat embroidery company, we want to help you smash away (smile).

Simply contact ScreenPrintAz.com today.

Pick our brains. Hit us with your questions. Even ask for expert recommendations. We’re here to help you smash away.

After-all, Screen Print AZ is the home of the 12 dollar embroidered company polo and
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And that my friend is how you can grab a simple appealing company uniform for $24.00 or less.

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