Is There A Difference Between 

Polo Verses Golf Shirt Embroidery?


Let’s take an in-depth look and discover if there really is a difference between polo and golf shirt embroidery. And gain some inner circle insight.

First of all, have you ever wished there was an easier way to simply choose an ideal embroidered golf shirt for your business or event or personal use?

Where you knew you were going to grab a comfy, and durable, and long lasting, and purposeful shirt? Where you were able to make an easy choice -without all the mind muttering fuss over styles, and blends, and brands, and all of it?

But when you begin looking into golf shirt embroidery ideas for an upcoming best ball tournament or for casual company uniforms or even your sponsorship of a local sporting event or charity, do you find yourself a bit rattled with choice confusion?

Well, if you do… you’re not alone.

After all, wouldn’t it be nice if all local embroidery shirt shops decided to pick out one-name for golf shirts? And then have this name replace all the other names which golf shirts are known to go by? 

And make life easier for you, the customer?

Because, if we were to answer the question… “Is there a difference between polo verses golf shirt embroidery?” The answer would be “no”.


So –What’s With All The Different Names 

For Golf Shirts And Polos And Sport Shirts And…


So, why even have all these different names for golf shirts, and polo’s, and sport shirts, and…?

After-all, the style of the polo and the golf shirt is pretty much the same. They’re short sleeved pull-overs with collars, right?

So what’s the difference? Well, the fabric and design and manufacturing and production of the shirts are somewhat different.

And without being in the apparel embroidery game… it’s OK to start pulling your hair out again. After-all, who wants to be driveling through endless choices

Don’t you just want an ideal comfy embroidered golf shirt? And know you’ll be getting what you want?

Let’s keep going. Let’s make it easier.

By now you know that polo’s and golf shirts are similar types of shirt styles. So what the heck, right? 

Well, the polo and golf shirts may be similar… but NOW you’ll want to decide which type of fabric to choose -for your shirt.

Will you go with 100% cotton or a blend or even 100% polyester?

How will you decide?

Well, the easiest way to make sense of this all is to trace the history of the ‘golf shirt’. 

And once you discover the history, you’ll be able to choose your ideal shirt, fast.

Let’s go back in time, shall we?


Golf Shirt ‘Shocker’ Revealed –Time Travel


Imagine traveling back in time to the early 1900s. Where most people and athletes were strolling around or playing sports while wearing bulky long sleeved and heavy cloth clothing.

A time where women’s dresses would flow to their feet. And heaven forbid a dress would inch up and expose their ankles. 

Now imagine if you were living in this time period. And you were a man or a woman, and you were playing a sport.

Are you able to imagine how long sleeved buttoned-up heavy fabric shirts, weighty pants or long thick dresses would affect your game?

Do you think your range of motion would be limited? Do you think you would sweat out a few pounds, if not more, while playing a sport?

Would you start looking for more comfortable clothing which wasn’t so horrendously hot and bog down bulky? Who wouldn’t, right?

Well, back in the 1920’s, a French tennis player by the name of Suzanne Lenglen created shock and awe when she broke tradition at Wimbledon. 

You see, she decided to exposed her bare-arms and wear a knee high hemmed skirt onto the court -as stunned onlookers gasped in horror.

She just wanted to improve her game. And improve she did. 

Because not many a foe was able to compete with her brisk new airy free moving motion. She dominated with ease, as others quickly caught on.

Soon after her break from traditional garb, the race to comfortable sportswear began.

Enter the fray… another French tennis player, named Rene’ Lacoste, debuted his new style of tennis shirts. 

He created the first ever breathable short sleeved and lightweight cotton tennis shirt.

And, as a powerful athlete of his time, he obliterated his foe when he took to the court. After-all, his competitors were all dressed up in piping hot long sleeved button up shirts and ties. 

And that my friends -is a shocker

Because the first ever ‘golf shirt’ or ‘polo shirt’ was actually known as a ‘tennis shirt’. More on this later.


Why Lacoste’s Shirt Became Too Hip


If we go further back in time… the “so called” polo shirt was being produced by the Brooks Brothers Company -for the polo players. 

A Company which was founded back in 1818. Over a century before Rene’ Lacoste introduced his style of opened sleeved ‘tennis shirts’.

But Brooks Brothers did dive into producing their brand of upper crust, sport of ‘polo’, shirts back in the 1800’s. Long before Lacoste was even born.

However their shirts were nowhere near the ‘style’ of a Lacoste shirt. Which would be introduced decades later. (Keep this in mind as we delve onward.)

Because in the late 1800s -John E. Brooks only solved the problem of the ‘polo sports shirt’ collar flapping in the wind… and onto the faces of the polo players, during their matches. 

John designed a button down collar for the sport. And his shirts were long-sleeved and bulky

Which is why Lacoste’s tennis shirts would become so popular -later on. 

Because Lacoste’s shirts would be short-sleeved and knitted from lightweight breathable stretchy cotton

This only made sense, and may explain why Lacoste’s shirts became too hip and flew into mass production in the early 1930s. 

Which means… the original designer of the so called modern day polo and golf shirt was Rene’ Lacoste.

And for those among us who are old enough to remember, Lacoste became a brand name for the “tennis shirt” with its famous crocodile logo which was stitched onto the front left chest area of the shirt.

Then in the 1950s, Rene’ Lacoste’s shirt was licensed in the USA under the Izod brand name. That’s when Izod introduced the blends. Blends which included polyester. 

And those of us, who are old enough to remember, will recall the tennis shirt also being known as an “Izod”. 


Snooty Affluent Society 

Embraced The Lacoste Casual Shirt -Turned Polo


Now if you were to ask “which came first, the chicken or the egg”? And you flip the question to ask “which polo came first, the Brooks Brother’s or Lacoste’s”? …there might not be much debate.

And here’s why…

You see, back in the 1800s and early 1900s the snooty affluent upper crust society of status enjoyed a wealthy man’s game -called polo.

An event where high society gathered to partake in a high brow sport. A private gathering. Where many ‘invite only’ guest would partake -to simply show off their status.

Yet the polo shirts worn by the polo players back then were long sleeved, and heavy weight, and odor fumingly hot.

It wasn’t until Rene’ Lacoste designed his breathable knitted short sleeved cotton tennis shirt… is when the style of the so called ‘polo’ would eventually become the shirts coined name -decades later.

Because the affluent embraced Lacoste’s tennis shirt to represent their aristocratic style and status. 

And they found acceptance among their peers by wearing Rene’s casual shirt with class.


Fast Forward To The 1960s

-The ‘Polo Shirt’ Name Is Coined.


In the 1960s the sport shirts and sportswear market exploded onto the scene. Different styles and colors and patterns and all of it -seemed to hit at once.

Then in 1967 a young chap, by the name of the Ralph Lauren, went into business using the coined name ‘polo shirt’ as his brand of shirts.

And ever since, we now know the polo shirt, which was originally designed by Renee Lacoste’s and coined by Ralf Lauren, is what we think of in terms of the word ‘polo shirt’.

Even today, the Brooks Brothers advertise their sport shirt as the original polo shirt.


Is A Golf Shirt A Tennis Shirt, And A Polo, And…


Which leads us to the term ‘golf shirt’ today.

Over time… Lacoste’s original comfy tennis shirt design has taken on many a name.

For example, as you may have guessed, one of the names is a ‘golf shirt’.

And other shirt names -mean the same. Such as…

  • Sport shirt
  • Casual top
  • Polo
  • Knitted pullover
  • Tennis shirt
  • Golf shirt
  • Izod
  • Polo like
  • Casual dress shirt
  • Embroidered logo shirt

Even with more terms popping up -every now and then.

Which means, many of us will get confused and wonder if a golf shirt is also a polo shirt. And so on.

After all, wouldn’t it be nice if we all just called the shirt a ‘polo’? This would sure make life a lot simpler on us all. Wouldn’t you agree?

But if we all decided to call the shirt a ‘polo’ instead of a ‘golf shirt’… we would still want to simplify the shirt type?

Because now-a-days, “my gosh”, polo shirts come in many different types of styles and blends.

So what style and blend is right for you? Now that you’re aware that a golf shirt is also known as a tennis shirt, and a polo, and a… Let’s take a look.


What Style And Blend Of Golf Shirt Is Right For You?

Even If You Don’t Play Golf…


Now this is where it gets tricky. And it’s our own apparel industries fault.

Because almost every single sports brand and shirt manufacturer is flooding the market with “their” so called styles and blends of golf shirts.

From Nike to Greg Normans Shark to Callaway to Tiger to Adidas to Reebok… And golf shirts styles and apparel from other Brands, which are too numerous to mention here.

But when we look past the “perceived” status value of a well-known brand, most golf shirts are similar in many ways.

For example… A 100% cotton golf shirt is a 100% cotton shirt. And a 50/50 cotton polyester blend is a 50/50 cotton polyester blend. Make sense?

So what’s the difference?

Well similar to bed sheets, golf shirts are knitted in thread counts. 

And the shirts are interlaced-loop-knitted from either a ring spun or carded cotton yarn (thread). They maybe pique knitted to produce a checker board like pattern on the shirt to make it more airy and soft and comfy. Or even double knitted for maximum breathable comfort.

The knitting yarn may even include blends. Blends such as polyester, synthetic poly, eco-friendly yarn and more. And the threads may even be treated with anti-odor or stain resistant coatings to provide more ideal golf shirt options for you.

But if you’re like most of us, you may not even know where to begin or what to look for when choosing your embroidery golf shirts online.

Who are you going to trust?

Are you going to be paying a perceived premium for a status brand or are you getting a dirt-cheap itchy shirt or will you get a nice knitted golf shirt at a fair price?

Well, the best answer to this question is to discover a reputable local embroidery and screen print shop, then start asking questions.


Questions You May Want To Ask

-Before Choosing An Embroidered Golf Shirt


And you may want to ask questions.

For example… Let’s say you’re looking for golf shirts or polo’s and you’re in the restaurant business. Would it be wise to inquire about stain resistant shirt types?

Or let’s say you’re part of a nonprofessional local sports team and you want to order some golf polo shirts. Would it be wise to ask about breathable and odor resistant shirt types?

And what if you’re a school superintendent, and looking for school uniforms for all the students, then would it be wise to go for a double pique knitted comfy and durable polo golf shirt?

Or let’s say you’re a golfer. What would be your best choice for a golf shirt? Wouldn’t you want a nice stretchy and comfortable pique knitted breathable golf shirt to keep you cool during your round of 18?

And if you are golfing in the spring or the dead of fall, when it’s cooler outside, would you opt for a comfy cotton poly blend that will keep you warm -during your round?

Or what if it were in the middle of the summer and the temperatures were scorching hot. Would a simple pique knitted 100% cotton shirt allow you to stay cool?

Do you see how there’s a polo shirt style and blend for almost every type of event, sport, tournament, convention, business branding and even leisure activity which you may imagine.

Even if you want to lounge around the house or head out to a local lounge or restaurant… you may find yourself wearing a wonderful 100% cotton leisure golf shirt with either a personalized or company logo or brand name which has an embroidered insignia on the shirts upper left chest area.

Or a “status” logo brand… for you to show off.

So as you may see, maybe it is our industries fault for trying to confuse the heck out of you… when all you really want is a nice and durable and comfortable golf embroidery shirt -to wear.

And if you were to discover there are even more terms associated embroidered polo golf shirts, like ‘tipping’, where the edges of the collar and sleeves have a nice thin color accent, you may soon realize our industry has lost its collective mind.

Why Contacting A Professional Golf Shirt Embroidery Company

Saves You Time And Aggravation


Therefore, would it not be wise to contact a professional golf shirt embroidery company? And allow them to advise you on what the best type of style and shirt may be ideal for you and your intended use?

And allow an expert to recommend the best ideal embroidered golf shirts for you to choose from…

After all, you probably don’t want to accidentally go for a 100% polyester polo if you are active outdoors or during the day. Because who wants to sweat in a hot non-breathable polo shirt?

So if you want to seek a little advice, then contact Screen Print AZ’s custom shirt embroidery division today at (480) 788-0303.

Get all your questions answered by a shirt pro who knows the ropes. And side-step all the industry jargon which may easily confuse the best of us.

Or if you’re in the Phoenix, Arizona area, and you’re not looking to have your embroidered golf shirts shipped to you, then go ahead and swing by 906 S Priest, Unit 102 in Tempe for a shop tour

You’ll get to touch and feel a wide variety of golf shirt blends and styles before you decide to make a purchase. 

You’ll see the difference in blends and styles. And you’ll see why there’s an ideal shirt for every use. 

Plus you may watch and see how shirts are embroidered, right before your eyes –on the factory floor

But for now, hopefully you found this article useful. And you’re more equipped to choose an ideal golf shirt for embroidery today.  

If you have any questions or want to share an experience you’ve had when looking for a golf shirt embroidery company, then leave your comment below.