How Online T Shirt Design Tools Are Eliminating Bottlenecks And Speeding Up Your Orders Turnaround Time


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In the not so distant past, you may have become frustrated or at wit’s end when ordering your customized tees from a tee shirt printer -online.

And most of this frustration may have resulted from the back and forth, you may have experienced, with a shirt designer.

Whether you were looking for a few fun custom T’s for your family reunion or a large run order to dress-up your crews and staff in branded gear… getting past the initial design stage may have seemed like a bottleneck.

After all, you may have been envisioning the exact type of T shirt design you were after, but found it difficult trying to communicate this idea to a shirt designer.

Unless, of course, you’re a big time company and you were enjoying access to in-house marketing teams and design staff who would provide you with print ready artwork -for your promo or personalized shirts.

However, in most cases, you may have needed to rely on a custom shirt designer to bring your shirt design ideas to life.

And sometimes you probably got lucky. Where your shirt design idea only required one revision.

On the other hand, the only way to get it right was to schedule a meeting with your designer. You would sit down with them while they were designing your shirt and you were able to request the necessary adjustments right there -on the spot.

However, these meetings and sit downs may have taken time away from your busy schedule or other important task… which filled your day.

Not Long Ago, This Was The Way Of The World Mock-Up After Mock-Up Frustration

After all, not long ago, this was the way of the world.

And this tended to be the case with all types of personalized designs and company branding. You would get an initial set a mockups. You would then choose one. And then you’d get another set. And so on.

And most of the time your frustration may have come from having to make changes like…

  • The logos to small
  • The logos to big
  • That’s not the right type style
  • The type style is to big
  • The type styles to small
  • Move this element over there
  • Move the logo up higher
  • Move the logo down some
  • That’s not the right color
  • Make that color brighter
  • Overlay our text on the logo
  • Change that icon element
  • And so on…

And this tended to create the bottlenecks.

Bottlenecks which would delay your order process. And would add days, if not weeks, to your planned turnaround times. Oh, the good old days, right?

Get Your T Shirt Designer To Read Your Mind -Instantly

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a better way for you to get your T shirt designer to read your mind and instantly have a good idea of the exact type of design you’re looking for? And a way to eliminate all those bottlenecks and delays?

Where you’re able to provide a quick mockup or an actual design of what you want to see, on your shirt. And have a print ready design approved within 24 hours or sooner.

New Online Interactive Design Tools
Allow You To Begin Designing Your Own Shirts Online Fast

New Online Interactive Design Tools Allow You To Begin Designing Your Own Shirts Online Fast

Well, fast forward to today. Your time has finally come.

Because, with the introduction of new online interactive design tools, you’re able to begin designing your own customized shirts online, and fast.

And you can even design your own print ready T shirt artwork, without all the fuss.

Or you can use the online design tools to create a general mockup of what you have in mind. Then allow a designer to quickly fine tune your tee shirt designs for your approval.

And eliminate all the back and forth guesswork from your order.

Because you may choose among different types of T shirt design templates. And begin designing your own shirts online in no time flat.

You can easily choose from different types of elements, from a drop down menu, to place on your shirt. Elements like…

  • Category Icons
  • Mascot Figures
  • Cool Characters
  • Type styles
  • Layers

Or even create your own logo or upload one into the template.

Where you can…

  • Adjust your own letter heights
  • Quickly change out fonts and type styles
  • Add in your own text
  • Increase and decrease the sizes of your elements
  • Add and change colors
  • Add a photo
  • Zoom in
  • And so much more

And you can do all of this by using the new online design tools which are modernizing the custom T shirt printing industry, as of today.

And not only can this save you stockpiles of time, but you’re saving money design cost.

Plus, with the new online design platform, you can save your designs for future use.

You can pull-up the same saved design over and over again, and maintain the consistency of your brand or image.

Or you can simply log-back in to your online design studio and make changes or keep designing your shirts -on your time and to your liking.

And you can even share your designs with others in your company or business or group. And you can get their approval or recommendations on changes they would like to see too.

Easy Enough -Even A Fifth Grader
Can Design A Custom Tee Online

And it’s easier than you may think. Even a fifth grader may design a custom tee shirt in less than an hour.

And when the shirts designed… a simple click of a mouse or the tap of a screen sends the print ready art to pre-press production.

So how do you begin designing your T’s online?

You simply open-up the online design tool. Then choose the type of tee you want to design and begin designing. It’s that easy.

For example, you quickly choose among many different types of T shirt design templates. One template can be for a short sleeve shirt. Another for a long sleeve or even a tank top or hoodie. You can choose a shirt with or without a pocket. And even a shirt color you prefer.

You may upload a logo or design your own, right on the shirt. You can add text or a mascot or even on icon which best suits your needs.

You may even designed the front and back of your custom tee rather easily.

And you can do this quickly.

And when you’re done you can save and share your online design or send it off to print.

Within 30 Minutes Or Less
You’ll Be Designing T Shirts -Like A Pro

Design your own shirt in 30 minutes or less -like this example.

Design your own shirt in 30 minutes or less -like this example.

Now if you’re wondering or if you ever asked yourself “Where can I design my own T shirts online” or “What’s the best website for designing shirts online “or “  How do I design my own tees online” then…

The best way to start designing your own shirts online is to simply open up the design tool at ScreenPrintAz and begin designing.

Or watch the how to design your own shirts online video at ScreenPrintAz for a quick user friendly “How to” lesson.

Because, usually within 30 minutes or less, you’ll be able to design T shirts like a pro. And your designs will be the way you envision them to be, without all the guesswork which used to take place between you and your tee shirt designer.

And the best part is, you can start designing your own T shirt online today. And eliminate the bottlenecks of the past. While speeding up your turnaround times, enormously.

Visit and choose ‘start designing’ -right now.

You may be surprised at what you’re able to design, today.

Enjoy designing.


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