How Not To Feel Like A Wounded Duck When Ordering Printed Tee Shirts Online


Have you ever been wondering whether you’re making a good choice when it comes to ordering your custom printed tee shirts online?

Does it get a little confusing, when you’re visit different online tee shirt printing companies, and you notice a lot of different pricing for what appears to be a similar shirt?

Where one online screen printer’s price may seem rather low and cheap while another’s may appear to be slightly higher and more expensive?

And all you may really want to know is if you’re going to get a good value or not. Right?

Well, hey… you’re not alone.

After all, what if you’re looking at placing a large order online for custom T’s. And, just like everyone else, you may simply want to know that you’re going to get a good quality T.

A comfy fit shirt that your crew, staff, others, and even you will want to wear.

Or you may be looking for a custom shirt printer to screen-print T’s for a…

  • Promotional giveaway
  • Special event
  • Charity sponsorship
  • Personalized message
  • Company shindig
  • Family reunion
  • Kid’s soccer, baseball, basketball, flag football team…
  • Political campaign or election
  • Your softball team or bowling league or…

The list goes on… But most importantly, when you’re ordering your tees online, you probably want to be feeling a sense of confidence in knowing that you’re going to get a nice, clean crisp printed, durable tee.

After all, who wants to be feeling like a wounded duck when an order arrives? And your order is not exactly what you were expecting. Or worse, you may have ‘thought’ you were getting a good deal -but surprise surprise…

  • The colors are off
  • The shirts don’t fit right
  • Fading begins after a few washes
  • Your image and message appear dull and faint
  • The shirts feel scratchy

Well, what were you expecting? The price seemed good, right?

But that wasn’t the case, now was it?


How To Avoid Feeling Wounded
And Know You’re Getting A Good Deal

So how do you avoid feeling wounded…? And make darn sure you’re getting a good deal?

Well, wouldn’t it be nice if there was just one tee type being offered online? Where every online T shirt screen printer would use the same shirt to print your T’s… And it all boiled down to a screen printer’s ability to nail your print?

This would be an ideal solution… but hey, that’s not the case -now is it?

With hundreds of different types of shirts being offered online, there has to be a way for you to feel confident knowing you’re going to make a good choice. Right?

How To Become An Online
Shirt Ordering Master -Revealed

So, is there an easy way to cut through all the confusing clutter of the online custom tee shirt ordering process?

And if so, what is the quickest way to turn you into a shirt ordering master -in no time flat?

Well the best way to arm yourself is to understand 2 basic tee shirt terminologies. Terms you may want to know before you begin ordering your online tees.

And by knowing these 2 terms, which will be revealed below, will make street-tough and confident in a sea of online babble.

1st Of Two Basic T-Shirt Terminologies
To Make You Street-Tough

The 1st term you may want to consider is the makeup (fibers and knit) of your soon to be ordered tee shirts.

Which means, how is your blank T shirt being manufactured before it is screen printed?

Why? Because knowing this difference will solve half your problems ahead of time. You want to know if the shirt you’re being offered is a carded or a ring spun tee.

Because a carded tee shirt is of cheap underhanded quality and a ring spun tee is of a much higher quality.

And all this has to do with is how the shirt blank is produced. The carded tee shirt is going to give you those ‘surprise surprise’ wounded duck problems, as you noticed above.

Because this has to do with the cotton yarn type from which the T-shirt was knitted. And since carded is the cheapest way to knit a shirt, you’re going to get a cheap scratchy shirt.

Whereas a shirt that’s knitted from ringspun cotton yarn is going to be much more refined and smooth. And ring spun yarn produces a top shelf quality shirt which we all love to wear…

Yes, we will present articles that delve deeper into ring spun vs. carded tees. But for now, knowing the difference between these types of generalized shirt terms may save you from being wounded when your order arrives.

In the meantime, if an online screen printer doesn’t list the shirt type as carded or ringspun, in their product descriptions, then ask.  

And remember, carded is cheap and ringspun is class. Knowing the difference may save you embarrassment down the road.

So what’s the second term to consider when ordering custom shirts online?

2nd Term Gives You A Leg Up
When Ordering Online Printed Tees

The 2nd term you may want to consider is the weight of the shirt.

However shirt weight can be deceiving.

Because sometimes it’s better to order a lighter weight shirt and sometimes it’s better to order a heavier shirt.

And the price between light weight tee shirt and heavy one is not going to vary all that much… unless you’re looking at XXL or XXXL. Because extra extra large shirts do take up almost twice the material, if not more.

Therefore, as long as you know the end use for your shirt -then you’ll be alright.

For example, let’s say that you live in a hot climate. A climate similar to Phoenix, Arizona. Then a lightweight shirt that weighs between 3.6 oz to 4.8 oz may be best for you.

Why? Because in hotter climates a lighter weight t-shirt is going to feel a lot more comfortable.

Whereas, in a colder climate, a heavier tee shirt that weighs between 6.1 oz to 7.1 oz is going to feel heavier and much warmer. Which is good.

However, you may not even notice a difference in the price of a lighter weight vs. a heavier weight cotton T shirt.

And without confusing the subject, a tee shirts weight may also be measured in grams per square yard or meter (GSM).

For example, a lightweight T may weigh between 128 to 138 grams and a heavier tee may weigh between 150 to 170 grams.

The main point to be aware of is… t-shirts that are listed under 110 grams are really thin. And when a tee shirt is that thin it may tear apart rather easily.

And remember, we’re only talking about T shirts here. Hoodies, tank tops, long sleeve, sweat shirts and sportswear will weigh more or less than a T. It all depends on the apparel type.

Hoodies can weigh in between 300 to 400 GSM and sweat shirts may range between 220 to 260 GSM. It all depends on the shirt type. Keep that in mind when shopping for online apparel.

To recap…

If you know you’re going to get a ringspun tee and you’re aware of the tee shirts weight then you’re probably going to make a much better choice when ordering your screen printed T’s online.

Blazingly Obvious –A Quality Shirt
Is A Shirt They Will Love To Wear

Now that you’re armed with two of the most basic shirt terms… you may now feel more confidence when ordering custom tees online.

Sure, there are other things to consider when ordering screen printed tees but these two terms will serve you well.

Because a good quality shirt… is a shirt they will love to wear.

And if you’re doing a promo or giveaway you probably want your crew, customers and prospects wearing your shirts in-and-around town rather than having your branded tees collecting dust in a dresser drawer or even closet.

After-all, who doesn’t want their message, image, logo or brand getting free repetitive exposure all over town? Because cool custom printed T’s are meant to be worn.

It’s All About Comfort And Wear…
Any Questions?

So if you have any questions regarding a particular shirt type or a blend or what’s the best weight for your shirt then please contact Screen Print AZ today.

Even if you’re promoting your local gym or athletic competition, and you’re located in a cold climate, you may be advised to go with a lighter weight tee or even a blend.

Because unless you’re trying to make weight for the MMA or wrestling, you probably want to avoid heavier shirts when the activity is going to be strenuous. It’s all about comfort and wear.

If you have any questions then contact Screen Print AZ a call at (480) 788-0303 today. Or leave a comment below.

We’re here to help you.

After all, who doesn’t want to get an ideal custom screen printed shirt which employees, friends, customers, prospects and even you will love to wear?

And most importantly, it’s nice to avoid feeling like a wounded duck when your printed tee shirt order arrives. Right?


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