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Is Mind Muttering Polo Shirt Terminology Driving You Bonkers? Want A Quicker Way To Choose The Right Type Of Shirt?
Are you looking for custom polo shirts? And you’re not sure which kind of embroidered polo shirt style will be the best for your particular use? Are mind muttering polo shirt terms like single pique, double pique, ring spun, carded, inter looping, combed, mesh, welt collar, jersey knit and ribbed knit… to name a few, driving you bonkers? Wouldn’t it be nice if custom embroidery companies made their embroidered polo shirt terminology a lot easier to understand? Where you would be able to quickly choose the right type of polo shirt for your work force, sales team, staff, students, association, group, private event or even a family reunion. And make it simpler for you to begin designing your own polo’s online, fast. And with confidence.
Simplifying Ring Spun Verses Carded Shirt Definitions
Well, let’s do just that. Let’s make it easy for you. Let’s quickly cover what customized polo shirt terminology really means. Shall we? Here is a simple breakdown of shirt term definitions. The terms “ring spun” and “carded” can be considered to be a measure of your shirts quality. Where ring spun is high quality and carded is cheap. And simply refers to how your polo shirt cotton is produced. Ring spun means the cotton is spun in a way which makes the yarn longer, stronger, thinner and softer. Whereas carded is a cheaper way to produce cotton yarn which is not as soft, and produces a rougher feel to it. Which means, when you wear a ring spun polo, you can feel the luxury soft knit on your body. Whereas a carded can feel a bit scratchy. In the simplest terms, shirts produced from carded yarn are dirt cheap, and can usually be found hanging in the aisles of low cost retailers or being sold online as cheap polos. Which means, you get what you pay for with carded. And why knowing the terminology helps you make better choices. Plus, another difference is… Ring spun, soft combed cotton, is utilized in producing top shelf polo shirts. Which means the yarn is “inter looped” knitted. And this “inter looping” yarn thread process creates tiny circular knit patterns. And circular patterns allow the polos to enjoy a nice stretchy comfy feel to them. Whereas carded cotton is typically woven and doesn’t produce a stretchy fit shirt. Bottom line… Inter loop knitted, ring spun, polo shirts are softer and more durable. Whereas, carded woven shirts are cheap, scratchy and not as durable.
Is Your Online Shirt Shopping Experience Starting To Make Sense? But What Does Pique, Double Pique And Jersey Knit Mean?
Is this starting to make sense? If so, you may be wondering, OK, then what the heck does pique, double pique and jersey knit mean? Well, let’s take a look. All three are knitting terms. And since most polo’s are knitted to allow for a stretchy flowing fit. These terms simply offer added value to the shirts finishing to allow for different types of uses. The terms single “pique” a “double pique” are knitting terms. Pique knitting produces waffle or checker board like texture patterns on the finished shirt. Which means, pique waffle like patterns makes your polo shirt more breathable, and airy, like mesh. Whereas the term “jersey knit” does not produce waffle like patterns. Which means, a jersey knit polo will appear smooth in texture. As you’ll see below, in the rule of thumb section, these types of knitted finishes have a desired end use. For example, let’s say your crews are working outdoors in a hot arid climate, like here, in Phoenix, Arizona? You may choose a double pique knitted polo for extra comfort and maximum breathability.
Why Welt, Welted And Ribbed Knit -Makes Your Polo A Shirt

OK, are these embroidered polo shirt terms making a lot more sense now? Let’s keep going. What does welt, welted and ribbed knit mean?

The terms “welt” or “welted” collar and “ribbed knit” sleeves simply refers to additional layers of sewn in knitted yarn (threads). These additional knitting layers add more power strength to the shirt. And this strength can be found in the polo shirts welted collar and at the end of the ribbed knitted sleeves.

After all, without welted or welt reinforced knitting, the polo shirt collars would be a flimsy mess. The same holds true for the rib knitted sleeves, and the button down area. Without the ribbed knit, the polos would look atrocious.

So adding welted and ribbed knitting is what gives the polo its cool style and shape.

And those are the basic terms which you may probably notice a lot -when shopping for embroidered logo polo shirts online.

But What About The Blends? Do You Go With 100% Cotton Or A 50/50 Blend

You may also notice that different types of yarn go into knitting up many types of custom polo shirts.

For example, you may notice that some polo’s are made from 100% cotton, whereas some are blends.

Blends like 90/10 or 60/40 or 50/50. Which means the shirt is comprised of both cotton and polyester. And you’ll even see shirts that are 100% polyester, and other mixes in-between.

You’ll even see, when you order custom polo shirts, that each type of shirt will list their weight in ounces. Such as 3.4 oz. to 7.1 oz. and many weights in-between. And this is the weight or thickness of the shirt.

For example, lightweight 3.9 oz. shirts are great for high endurance uses. Uses like bicycling or running, because they are thinner shirts. Whereas 6.4 oz. shirts are more beefy and great for low endurance uses. Uses like special occasions, dates, trade shows, sailing or at the office.

Want To Make Sense Of It All? General Rules Of Thumb -Custom Embroidered Shirt Styles

The best way to easily make sense of all these types of custom embroidered shirt terms and styles is to list out some general rules of thumb.

These following rules of thumb may prove helpful when you’re looking for an ideal custom embroidered shirt style online. And you want one that can best meet your desired use.

Number one… Choose ring spun shirts. Because they are knitted to stretch with your every move. And they are the most durable.

Number two… Choose pique knitted ring spun shirts for your work force. Because the pique waffle knitted design pattern allows the shirt to breathe more and retain less heat.

Consider double pique knitted polos for team sports that maybe exerting more energy. Because this double waffle knit design allows for maximum breathe-ability and comfort -especially in hot climates or environments.

Number three… Choose a jersey knit for more relaxed environments, like non strenuous office work spaces or for casual wear.

Number four… Choose 100% cotton embroidered polos for maximum comfort. Great for special events, family reunions, business sponsorships, sales floors, top shelf giveaways and when you want to look your best.

Number five… Choose a blend like 60/40 or 50/50 cotton to polyester for a softer feel. Because polyester is going to feel smoother on your skin. These are also great for your work force, sales team, uniforms, students and office.

Plus blends, when washed, are easier to remove stains vs 100% cotton. And blends are great if you’re looking for a longer lasting durable shirts.

Number six… Choose a 100% polyester for a real smooth feel and silky look. Best for non-strenuous use. Like walking around or other low key activities. Because polyester tends to keep the heat-in. And poly is not as breathily airy as cotton or cotton blended shirts.

When To Choose Between A Lighter Or A Beefy Shirt -Weight

So, if you’re looking for custom embroidered polo shirts, may you now have a clearer idea of what to look for in a shirt… when shopping online?

And by knowing what a shirt ounce (oz.) weight is… maybe helpful when considering different environments.

For example, if you have crews who are going to be outdoors a lot in the summer months, then a lighter weight pique knitted blended polo shirt can be an ideal selection.

Whereas, if you’re indoors or in cooler environments, then a heavier weight 100% cotton shirt can fit the bill.

So, if you’re looking for custom embroidered shirts online, consider the information from above. May it be helpful and save you time.

And best of all, may it clear up the mind muttering shirt terminology you may see online now-ah-days. And quickly guide you toward picking-out an ideal shirt-style which best meets your needs, today.

From Workwear To Uniforms –Will ScreenPrintAz’s Family Run -12 Dollar Polos Have You Smiling?

From workwear to uniforms… there’s a customizable polo shirt out there just waiting to show off your embroidered logo or insignia.

And at ScreenPrintAZ’s family run 12 Dollar Polos you can expect your embroidered logo to be crisp, ravel-free, and easy to read.

You can expect your brand, logo, insignia, name and or embroidery message to be calibrated on center or to spec, before the dual needle power stitching kicks-in. And produces stunning, up to 5000 stitch count, results on every shirt.

And, if looking online for custom embroidered workwear shirts is not your cup of tea or you prefer not to design your own polos online for free on 12 Dollar Polos, then contact ScreenPrintAZ’s family run 12 dollar Polos today.

We’re here for you. We’ll be happy to listen, answer your questions, make recommendations, provide insider insight, and do it all for you. Even design your shirts.

And when you call, we’re going to help you grab a custom polo shirt that is going to be in style, fast.  And one that will best meet and serve your individual or company wide desires… today.

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