Does Lightning Fast Local Delivery Of Logo Products


Save You From Traumatic Traffic Tie-ups And Gripping Gridlock?

Let’s face it, times are changing fast.

Whether you are looking for next day tee shirt printing or same day embroidery or quality logo products… you may also be dead-set on receiving your new business logo swag, fast.

And if you’re like most of us, you will want your company logo products and custom apparel delivered directly to your business or residence or local hotel or even event venue -lightning fast.

After all, isn’t this the new norm?

But wait a minute, how in the heck did we get here?

Well, let’s take a closer look. Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Shall we?

And as we take this stroll, let’s take a look at local t shirt printing companies like Companies which are producing and delivering custom logo products to their customers each and every day… Shall we?

And let’s factor out nationwide and regional shipping. Even though companies like ship logo apparel to California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado… and throughout the Southwest.

OK, let’s begin our stroll down memory lane and see why many of us want our products delivered instantly.

Discovering Modern Day Desire For Product Delivery
A Trip Down Memory Lane

In the not so distant past, way before tech, you may agree, your life seemed easier.

And if you’re from Arizona, you may recall, that back in the 70’s, Phoenix was a small quite town with a population of roughly 500,000.

In these prehistoric days -before desktops and laptops and mobile phones and tech… many residents would simply swing by a mall or a local small business to shop for products and personal services.

Some would even buy products and goods from catalogs, while waiting patiently for weeks before their orders were delivered.

And many would browse through the Yellow Pages to find a service company, like a plumber or an AC specialist or an auto mechanic and even a local screen printer and embroiderer.

But the best part was, if you wanted to swing by a local business you could do so with ease.

Because back then the roadways and streets in the phoenix metropolitan area were a breeze to drive.

You could cruise from Sun City West through Glendale and arrive in Scottsdale, Mesa or even Tempe within 30 minutes or less.

With the only bottleneck being a six way intersection on Grand avenue…

And if you were located in Phoenix and wanted to visit a business in Apache Junction by Superstitious Mountain you were there with lickety-split.

Or if you wanted to meet with a service provider located in Cave Creek… it was an enjoyable sprawling single lane drive.

There were no gripping gridlocks or traumatic traffic tie-ups along the way.

Heck, back then, who didn’t want to break free from the office or home and enjoying a warming drive to visit a local business or mall -without all the traffic snarling frustrating fuss.

Without GPS –Paper Maps Worked Just Fine

Sure, we didn’t have GPS but our paper printed roadway maps worked just fine. And if we got lost, then the nearest pay phone came to our rescue. We’d call and get directions.

Sure was easy to drive around back then. Wouldn’t you agree?

After all the only real traffic bottlenecks would occur when monsoon season hit or a fender bender blocked a lane or occasional roadwork delayed our travel.

Heck, the only real test of one’s patience arrived with the flood of 1980. Because all the bridges were washed-out -except for the Mill Avenue Bridge.

A Nightmarish Precursor Of Traffic Congestion…
The Bridges Washed Away

Maybe this was a precursor of what was to come. After all, with one bridge open, driving in traffic became a nightmarish task. Backups stretched for miles and this bottleneck took some time repair.

Who wouldn’t prefer to stay home or at the office and ask about delivery, right?

Then during the eighties and nineties Phoenix’s population began to explode. Population growth was exponential and off the charts.

Phoenix Arizona’s population swelled from a mere 500,000 in the 1970s to a whopping 1.6 million in this 40 year span. And that was in Phoenix alone!

Metro Phoenix Area Population
Soars From 1.5 To 4.7 Million

The Phoenix Metropolitan and surrounding area population lifted of the charts. The Metro Phoenix area soared from approximately 1.5 million folks to 4.7 million residents during this same time period. And continues to grow as of today.

And that my friend, spells congestion. Congestion which generates traumatic traffic tie-ups and gripping gridlock. Especially during the summer months when the mercury bubbles at well over 118°.

So let’s say you want to visit a local embroiderer and t shirt screen print shop in the Phoenix metropolitan area today… Will you?

Or will you simply search for a local screen printing and embroidery company in the Phoenix metro area on your modern trusty ole mobile device or desktop? And shop online for corporate, personalized or company logo gear?

And even with the addition of the 101, and the 202, and the 303 -beltways over the years to help lessen traffic nasty nightmares, will you double check to see if the local shirt printer offers next day local delivery? Even if you’re located in…

  • Sun City West
  • Glendale
  • Litchfield Park
  • Gilbert
  • Scottsdale
  • Surprise
  • Chandler
  • Mesa
  • Gila bend
  • Peoria
  • Avondale
  • Apache Junction
  • Cave Creek
  • Tempe
  • Phoenix
  • Paradise Valley
  • Down Town Phoenix
  • Even Wickenburg

Plus all other outlying communities surrounding Phoenix Arizona which you may reside or have a business.

Soothing 30 Minute Cross Town Drive Turns Horrific

After all, a once enjoyable 30 minute drive from one end of town to the other (like it was back in the 1970s) may now take anywhere from 1 to 2 horrific hours. Where you suddenly find yourself mired in stop-and-go and bumper-to-bumper traffic, if not total gridlock.

Then add in all the daily distractions which are piling on us now-ah-days.

Do you think it will be a good idea to find a local screen printing company like who delivers daily to all these areas mentioned above?

Consumers Buying Online
Seek Same Day Or Next Day Delivery

And does the grinding gridlock and daily distraction pile-up lead us to believe that it only makes sense… as to why more and more consumers are buying online or looking for same day or next local delivery?

Are we at wits end?

After all, back in the day, we didn’t have all the distractions we have now. Back then, as shared, we could easily tune them out.

You could toss a direct mail piece or a door hanger. You could choose not to be distracted by billboards or commercials, and all of it.

But nowadays, how are you going to tune out your daily blast of endless emails or text alerts or bustling business requirements? How are you going to tune out constant changes in tech or social media or ad bombardment or even bright LED billboards?

It’s like your time has become a precious resource which you may want to protect or use wisely, right?

Sure, it was nice to escape on a 30 minute, hassle free, jaunt down the roadway to visit or even pick up your screen printed products from a local business… in the not so distant past, but wasting 2 hours now-ah-days on the same drive? Hum…

So here we are today. No pay phones in sight. No flimsy folded maps stuffed away in our glove boxes. No distraction-free time to spare… Just warp speed ahead with hopes you didn’t forget something, Right?

So it’s no wonder we sometimes find ourselves scrambling to order last minute custom logo products or screen print tees or embroidered company shirts or swag.

Aren’t we busier than we were before?

Did Modern Day Tech Retrain Us?

Has modern day tech retrained us to expect that all products, which we may want, will be available instantly online -at the tap of a screen or a click of a mouse?

And our online orders and service request will be fulfilled and delivered or shipped without delay?

“My oh my”… have we come a long way or what?

Sure it’s reasonable to conclude that you may not have been around back in the seventies or early eighties or even before the birth of the Internet.

But if you were, then you know how much easier it was to go about your daily business, in more way than one. And what it was like to plan in advance.

However, as times change, we all tend to adapt. Right?

You Want It Now
Who Will You Choose?

So when you’re searching online for a local business, and you want it now, who will you choose?

Sure, there’s a lot of great local tee shirt screen printing and embroidery companies in Phoenix Arizona. And if you are comparing ‘apples to apples’ and find one of those ‘apples’ offers same day or next day delivery, will it be a positive service feature which you take under consideration?

After all who wants to deal with gripping gridlock and traffic tie-ups which can quickly suck up half your day and maybe your sanity (wink)?

For example, try crossing the bridge which connects Rural Road and Scottsdale Road in Tempe between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00 PM. We rest are case.

So if you’re looking for custom t shirts with fast local delivery -anywhere in and around the Phoenix metropolitan area, even Wickenburg, then ScreenPrintAz of Tempe wants to help you with your peace of mind.

10,000 T Shirts Printed In A Day
And You Want Them Delivered, When?

Even if you want 10,000 t shirts printed in a day and want them delivered late at night or the next day, then will have your back.

And if you’re wondering how ScreenPrintAZ is able to provide you with lightning fast local delivery of your new logo products… it’s because of the unorthodox manner in which daily deliveries take place.

Most people would assume if the screen printing and embroidery shop is located in Tempe Arizona then all daily deliveries will leave the Tempe shop and disburse to Scottsdale or Glendale or Sun City West or Gila Bend or Chandler or Down Town Phoenix or Cave Creek and so on… During the day.

But what most people don’t know is next day local custom apparel printing deliveries throughout the Phoenix valley are packaged and boxed, and then loaded into a Screen Print AZ deliver vehicle -in the wee hours of the night.

This delivery vehicle will then head out before dawn (when the streets are still calm) to the furthest delivery point(s) from the shop. Such as Apache Junction or Peoria or... Then strategically deliver the days scheduled drops and work their way back to the shop for another round of mid-morning delivers, and so on.

At the same time, another delivery vehicle or courier will start from the shop and work their way out to places like Gilbert and Chandler and Mesa and so on…

This way all customers get their orders delivered fast. Even if you’re located at the furthest point away from’s Tempe screen printing and embroidery production facility…

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How Did My Order Get Here So Fast?
…You May Ask

You now know why you may be asking yourself “how did they get out here so fast this early in the morning especially during rush hour?”

Plus, if you are ordering 10,000 custom printed to shirts due in a day, then we may actually split part of your order into multiple delivery vehicles.

This guarantees you’re going to receive the bulk of your order next day without a hitch. Just in case that gripping gridlock or a traumatic traffic tie-up catches us off guard too.

Which means, we're just like you.

We don’t want to wait a couple weeks for products or services to arrive (like the 1970s). We want em’ now -too.

So if you find yourself thinking… ”Wow that sure was a lighting fast delivery of my customized logo apparel...” Or “How in the heck did screen print and deliver our custom T’s so freaking fast?”

Well, besides loading up your custom logo gear deliveries in the wee hours the night to blanket the entire Phoenix metro area from the outside-in and inside-out -pre-dawn, our delivery drivers and contract couriers know all the back roads.

Back roads which may easily cut delivery times in half, depending on the time of day.

A Little Extra Service And Lighting Fast Delivery
Screen Print Az

So if you’re looking for a little extra service and lighting fast delivery then why not contact Screen Print Az today. Or call (480) 788-0303 right now.

Our wheels will be turning for you.

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