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How To Avoid Confusing Terms When Choosing A Cap Or Hat Style -The Easy Way
Are you feeling a bit confused? Not sure which style or type of embroidered hat or cap is best for you or your work force? Are you hosting a special event or coaching a team or simply looking for some cool hats for your business or group or family function, even giveaways? And you suddenly feel a bit overwhelmed, when you land on a “hat” page catalog site and you start noticing odd terminology which you’ve seldom heard of before? And you’re faced with choosing among many different types of hat styles and sizes? So many choices that your head may begin to spin. Well, if you’re not a seasoned marketing director, with years of experience, who’s a master at ordering hats online for their organization, then you’re probably like most of us -who just want to grab some embroidery hats fast, and avoid all the fuss. But that can be easier said than done. Because, you may be wishing that “hat” page lingo was a lot easier to understand than it is. After all, you probably just want to pick out an ideal cap or hat style and design and order your custom embroidered hats online.
Revealing Terminology Makes Looking For Embroidered Hats Online -A Jiff
But you start running into words and terminology like… waxed, waxy, snap back, fitted, round crown, twill, brushed twill, heather speck, high profile, medium profile, low profile, structured, unstructured, sandwich bill, flat bill, curved brim, moister wicking, breathable mesh, textile weave and other strange terms which can rattle the brain. So, wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easier way for you to choose an ideal hat style, and then begin designing your own hats online? And choose what you want to have embroidered on your hats. And feel confident knowing you chose a hat that everyone will love. So how do you suddenly transform yourself into a top level pro -hat expert, in a blink? And have all those shuck and jive words and terms become easier to understand? Well, the fastest way is to reveal -what the terminology means. Are you ready? Let’s do it.
Who Doesn’t Love An Old Favorite –And Still Popular “Trucker Hat”
Now, you may already know that the most popular type of hat being ordered online today is called a “trucker hat.” And you may be aware that trucker hats have been around for a long time. These hats adjust to fit with a sewn-in “snap back” size adjuster. Which is a simple strip on the back of the hat which contains male pegs and female holes that snap and unsnap to adjust the head size fit of the hat. Almost everyone who loves hats has seen, felt and wore -snap back trucker hats. And trucker hats have a “higher profile”. Which means the front of the hat, where the print, patch or embroidery goes, covers a larger area than other types of hats. And its “structured”, which means the hat is stronger and maintains its shape. Plus, trucker hats tend to have a foam “brim”. And a brim is simply the front overhanging portion of the hat. And the backside of this hat has “breathable mesh”. Which is just a fancy-smancy term for “mesh”. See how easy this is? You just discovered what a few terms mean. Let’s keep going.
Will You Become The Go To Online Hat Expert For Your Organization Once You Discover These Hat Meanings
You’re going to see that other types of hats will use the word “twill” or “brushed twill” or “cotton twill”… But don’t let these different twill words confuse you. Because, all it means is that it’s a type of fabric that is woven to last a long time. Twill hats are easy to spot, because you’ll see tight woven thin horizontal line patterns on the hat or cap. However, some “twill hats” are softer, and have less structure, than other types of hats. Which means the hats are “unstructured”. They do not have solid supports sewn-in. And they lay low or have a “low profile” when worn. And since they are softer, the front embroidery area is not as large as a trucker hat. Which means, the logo, monogram, insignia, message or design that you have embroidered on the front of the hat will lean back on the head when worn. Which means -less awe-striking visibility. Are you becoming a top level pro hat expert by now? Let’s keep going. Now, when you see the term “heather” you may be asking yourself by now “what’s with all these nervy terms?” Hey, we hear you loud and clear. Why not keep it simple, right? So what does “heather” mean? Well, all “heather” means is to blend in two woven fabric colors together to produce a fabric that has “flecks”. And flecks are simply speckles of one color on another color. These types of “heather hats” are easy to spot too, because they are not a solid color. The color is speckled. Is it all starting to make sense now? Let’s look at some more hat terms, shall we?
Why Not Simple Say A “Waxed” Hat Means It’s Water Proof?
How about when you spot the terms “waxed” or “wax” or “waxy”? Why can’t they just say “the hat or cap is water proof”? After all, that’s what “waxed” means. The hat fabric is coated with certain types of oil. And these oils make the hat appear to have a more matte like finish than other hats. Plus, your waxed hat looks slicker and a tad bit shinier. And they actually look cool. Waxy hats are perfect, if you like being outdoors. Which brings you to these last few dastardly terms. The words “bill” or “flat bill” or “curved bill” simply refer to the caps overhang section in the front of the hat. Currently, flat bills are in vogue right now. Which means the hats front visor like section is flat, not curved. So when you see the term “bill”, just know it’s the front lip overhang section of the cap or hat. Even if you see the word “large” before “bill”. It’s just a larger front overhang. So, before we wrap this up, let’s cover one last term. It’s called a “boonie” or “flat” hat. And all this means is the hat has a “brim” that encircles the entire hat. So what do you think? Are you starting to feel like you’re now armed with enough insider insight to help you make choosing your ideal hat online easier? We hope this clears up some of the crazy confusion surrounding custom hat terminology. And makes it fun for you, when you’re shopping for custom embroidered hats and caps online.
Why Expert Guidance Helps When You’re Super Busy?
At the same time, if you want some fabulous embroidered hats or caps, and you’re super busy, then contact ScreenPrintAZ’s family of companies -12 Dollar Hats today. You’ll be rewarded with expert guidance and a personal assistant who will manage your entire order process from for you. So you can relax more. And it’s free. We’ll help you cut through the muck. We’ll listen to your questions. And it we’ll be excited to recommend a few fitting hat solutions which will best satisfy your particular desires. And if you plan on placing a bulk custom hat order? We’ll make you a sweetheart deal, because we can. After all, being a family owned embroidery and apparel printing business does have its advantages. Like extra perks, just for you. Perks like free embroidery logo digitization, free standard ground shipping and no minimums, even extra discounts and more. And, if you really want a unique hat, then you can be one of the first-ever to begin showing off your company’s logo, brand, message or insignia on a patented “Alumalids” hat. You can’t get these anywhere else. Alumalids offer you a one of a kind metal logo or icon or emblem… that is attached to the front of your hat using our patented process. If you want to know more, then contact ScreenPrintAZ’s family of companies -Alumalids today. Or visit the Alumalids site. So, may this headwear terminology, as explained above, be helpful when you begin shopping for custom embroidered hats online, right now.
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And remember, you can gain instant access to your very own in-house hat and cap designer with just one click, tap or call today. Especially if you do not have the time to design your own hats online with the interactive hat design platform on this site. And if you’re looking to embroider your logo or brand or message, even different sponsors too… on the front, back, right ear and or left ear side of your custom hats, then request a quote today. Start shopping, and designing your own hats online right now. Or reach out and talk with an expert at ScreenPrintAZ’s -12 Dollar Hats today.